Mkambati & Strandlooper Guided Hike

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4 hr
Approximately 9km flat beach and game track hike. Possibility of seeing Eland, Zebra and baboons while walking through the reserve. Visit ‘The Welomi 303’ ship wreck along the way as well as experience the magnificent ‘Mosquito Beach’. Feast your eyes on the beautiful ‘Mkambati Falls’ as they cascade into the sea and take a dip in the natural bubbling pool hidden in the cascades. Climb up into ‘Baboon Cave’ and if you are brave enough jump into the river below. Feeling adventurous? Take a swim through the ‘Strandlooper Pool’ and swim under the waterfall. ½ day hike and its recommended that guests eat lunch while out in the reserve.

R130 per person


Reserve entrance fee &

Ferry Across River 

Phushungwana Falls Hike Guided Hike


Denver, USA

4 hr
The Mtentu Gorge is spectacular. Take a hike up the side of the gorge on the Mtentu Village side of the river. The hike is approximately 13 kms round trip and is well worth the effort. Visit the viewpoint from which you can see king fish, sharks and turtles in the estuary. See where Leopards falls leaps down into the river below. The highlight of the walk is at the top of Phushungwana Falls. Hang over the edge and watch as the water falls through the crevasse onto the rocks below. On the way back take a dip in the refreshing Paradise pools and reminisce  about the awesome day you have just had.

R80 per person

Also know as 'Second Waterfall Hike'


Best way to get to Mtentu by far!!! Did you know its only 24kms along the coast?

Why spend 2 hours on a bumpy dirt road when you can have the adventure of a lifetime getting to Mtentu along the coast?
Meet your guide at 'The Wild Coast Sun' just outside Port Edward. Park your car safely at the casino and even have your bags safely transferred to Mtentu by vehicle.
Hike along the beautiful Mzamba, Mphahlane and Malulweni beach exploring the ancient fossil beds and traditional villages. Untouched beaches and turquoise lagoons will accompany you as you explore Pondoland at its finest. 
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After an amazing 10 km beach hike we reach the small village of Nyameni.
Here guests have the option of staying the night in a traditional Pondo Homestead. This stay includes dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch for the next day.
Those not wanting to stay the night still have the opportunity to take advantage of a special local lunch cooked by the homestead. Be ready to enjoy a warm welcome and hospitality like you never have before. 
Traditional Pondo lunch costs R120 per person. 
After lunch your friendly guide will take you the next 14kms to Mtentu. You will explore the paradises of Nyameni, Xholobeni, and Sikombe beaches. Catch a glimpse of the enchanting Red Dessert and the unnamed shipwreck.
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Casino to Mtentu Hike

The last few kms takes you up the green hills of Nyaveni (Mtentu) Village. Feeling thirsty? Stop at the local spaza shop for an ice cold beer just before strolling down to the stunning Mtentu Lodge.
Things to note and be aware of

Luggage Transfer: We offer a luggage transfer to Mtentu from 'The Wild Coast Sun'. This costs R900 for the vehicle. This is not included in the overall hike price. Let us know if you want this service.

Lunch: Pondo lunch is R120 per person. Let us know should want this added to your hike.


2ppl                                 R320 per person
3-10ppl                           R220 per person
Over 10ppl                     R170 per person

Overnight stay in a Pondo Village: